Automated client emails and texts

You didn't go into accountancy to chase clients, write the same emails again and again or to keep track of deadlines. So let AM do it for you.

Gather everything you need

Gather everything you need

Create email templates for each service - just once. Then AccountancyManager will send these at the right time, to the right clients. We’ve saved a few default templates for you, but you can edit them and create your own.

"The time saved with automatic chasing means that we have more time available for our clients."

— Sharon Bishop ACCA, X5 Accountants
Never miss a client deadline

Never miss a client deadline

Client deadlines are pulled through the Companies House integration - or entered manually. When a task reaches its period end date, AM will send the automatic record request for that service. And later, a tax payment reminder.

Say goodbye to chasing clients

Say goodbye to chasing clients

Just tell the system when and how often you'd like to send nudging emails and you don't need to think about it again. When you have what you need, update the progress status. This stops any further emails.

Send highly tailored messages

Send highly tailored messages

  • AM populates client details, such as their name, filing dates and tax amount to pay.
  • Save paragraphs you use regularly and just grab them when you need them.
  • AM can chase for specific missing details, signatures and forms.
Get a faster response by sending a text

Get a faster response by sending a text

Many AM users report a much faster response from clients when they send texts. A text will let your client know there’s an email waiting for them - or link directly to their portal.

Send highly tailored messages

Bulk emails & SMS: Keep in touch with everyone

Create your email or SMS once and AM will send it to all your clients. Even better, you can filter by any field in AM, tailoring the recipients to specific groups or types of clients.

Save hours of time with intelligent automation

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Bulk emailing
  • Missing info reminders
  • Tax payment reminders
  • Companies House integration
  • Emails listed on client's timeline
  • Canned messages
  • 40+ templates ready to go

"AM completely revolutionised my practice overnight. I used to spend hours preparing..."

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What Our Customers Say

  • "We started using AccountancyManager in 2018 and haven't looked back! Using AccountancyManager has transformed our practice - more time to spend on the numbers and admin processes streamlined - one happy practice!"

    Martin Brooks
    Caroline Hinde
    Caroline Hinde Accountancy
  • "AM completely revolutionised my practice overnight. I used to spend hours preparing engagement letters, chasing information and reminding clients of key dates. Now I spend less time doing admin and more time doing client work."

    Martin Brooks
    Martin Brooks
    Gold Stag Accounts
  • "Since switching to AccountancyManager, I now have a sense of comfort in knowing that all client details, tasks and documents are in one place, which is easily accessible. Client onboarding is a swift, simple process that appears slick and professional to our new clients."

    Martin Brooks
    Hannah Jeffery
    HJ Accounts Management
  • "AccountancyManager has saved the practice heaps of time when keeping track of deadlines & we've found the other features (e.g. time recording, client sign-ups) helpful to have all in one place."

    Martin Brooks
    Niall Hawkins
    Farrow Accounting & Tax