The quality of client interactions can make or break an accountancy firm, creating an initial level of trust that has the potential to form a strong working relationship on each side. First impressions count so the onboarding process is a critical stage that will set standards for both parties as to the level of service quality the client can expect going forward. 

Ensuring the transition from one accountancy practice to another will help build up a level of confidence in your business from the offset. 

What is the main goal of the client onboarding process in an accountancy practice?

By having this conversation early on, both parties have realistic expectations and have opened a door of communication. Luckily, with a proficient practice management tool, you can keep a log of services and client details all in one place to reduce stress.   

The benefits of a strong accounting client onboarding experience

  • When a client is looking for an accountancy firm, they will be researching various solutions so acting quickly will ensure you don’t lose the business. Having a smooth client onboarding process will mean you can take on the new client in a confident and timely manner, with little stress on your end.
  • By adapting to the modern work style you can enhance the onboarding process by adopting virtual solutions that will eliminate the need for physical visits. As well as reducing the hassle involved in the process, it allows you to broaden your client base to a wider demographic and is perfect for businesses that work remotely.
  • The digital process is much more environmentally friendly and practical than more outdated methods. Instead of having to make notes which will need feeding back to other team members, having a tidy digital document can be shared with all necessary parties making the process more efficient.
  • First impressions are key in forming a strong bond with your client, and a smooth accounting client onboarding process will help you do just that. As your clients get to know your employees on a one-on-one basis, working relationships will start to be formed.

Using AccountancyManager for your client onboarding process

.The onboarding process starts with your first interaction with your client (or prospect at this stage). When they make the initial enquiry, you can set them up in AccountancyManager as a prospect. Their details can be pulled automatically through Companies House with our built-in integration and you can use AccountancyManager to automate time-consuming processes such as setting up proposal letters and completing anti-money laundering checks. Once you’ve had the initial meeting and obtained all the information you require in order to quote, simply select the services you want to quote for, add in the fees you would charge and send the proposal email, which arrives as an email in your prospect’s inbox. 

Should they wish to proceed, they click the link within the email to access your Letters of engagement for them to accept and e-sign. An e-signature will be used to finalise the document which saves time and prevents the need to physically meet in person. The system also integrates with HMRC for 64-8s to give authorises an agent to deal directly with HMRC on their behalf.

Once the proposal has been accepted you’ll never miss a deadline because the associated tasks will automatically be populated and assigned to the appropriate member of the team. You can see and organise your employees’ workload on the software so you can maximise time and avoid burnout. When information is required from clients, automated reminders are sent out from AM at defined intervals so you don’t have to worry about chasing them and staying on top of endless deadlines.

Your AccountancyManager client portal is an essential tool that both you and your client will use. You can securely send documents to and from the client and obtain e-signatures when needed, knowing they are GDPR secure. You can also design the portal using your own colours, fonts, and a custom URL so that it matches your company branding.

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If you’re ready to enhance your client onboarding process, you know where to start! So you can see the impact for yourself, we offer a 30-day trial which you can sign up to free of charge. Alternatively, get in touch if you would prefer to speak to one of our team directly to request a demo of the AccountancyManager platform or ask any questions you may have.