We’re always listening to our customers, but over the last few months we’ve dialled our speakers up to 11.

AccountancyManager users have been: telling us about their lockdown lives, requesting new features (in our new user group webinars) and asking – in no uncertain terms – for cheaper AML and credit checks. But we went a little further, reducing the price and releasing a new feature: in-system, one-click credit screens.

New price: AML checks now from £1.25 each

Now, thanks to the AccountancyManager community, when you buy 500 anti-money laundering identification checks through AccountancyManager, each check will cost you just £1.25. 

Our pricing works on a sliding scale, so if you don’t need 500 checks, AccountancyManager still comes in at the cheapest price we’ve found for 110 checks – at £1.95 per check. PLUS (it’s a big plus), your credits can be used for both AML/ID checks and credit screens.

AccountancyManager's AML and Credit Screen pricing - sliding scale

In this example, 155 credits cost £1.50 each – £232.50 +VAT total.

How do these prices compare?

Current prices for AML ID checks:

Veriphy: £4.00

AMLCC: £3.00

Senta: £2.80

TaxCalc: £2.00 (in bulk)

AccountancyManager: £1.25 (in bulk)

New feature: Carry out credit screens in AccountancyManager

We’ve also just launched in-system credit checks for individuals. So now you can complete your KYC due diligence when onboarding new clients – all in one place. 

Credit checks in AccountancyManager are the same price as AML ID checks, so the credits you purchase can be used for either type of check. Credit checks for companies will be coming soon.

New feature: Credit screens in AccountancyManager

Please note that it’s a legal requirement in all circumstances to inform your client that a soft credit search is being carried out.

Complete an AML ID and credit check for just £2.50 per client

With credit screens and AML ID checks costing the same, if you want to carry out both you’ll simply use two credits instead of one. That’s just £2.50 for a credit check AND an ID check when you buy in bulk. 

Veriphy offers a discount for combining an ID/AML check and a credit screen. This is £6.50.

New feature: Complete AML process directly from a contact in AM

Last Wednesday, AccountancyManager customer Faisal Aslam suggested putting an AML button under the director’s name in AM, so you can complete their AML checks directly from the contact details.

Idea to release in three working days

Charlie, in our development team, got straight onto it and had added the new button by the following Monday. 

LinkedIn post announcing release of customer-requested feature

Already got AML credits in AM? Get 10% extra free

It’s annoying when a sale starts just after you’ve bought something, so if you already have AML credits in your account, we’re giving you 10% of your remaining credits for free. Take that Primark.

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