Time is money. In fact, time is actually a mindset, but we won’t get all woo woo on you because if you’re in business then time costs you money.

Your employees and even you are costing your business money and if the time spent in and on the business isn’t managed efficiently then you’ll be less profitable than you could be.

Being more efficient with your time can and does lead to more profit and a stronger business that can grow more easily. When you run an accountancy firm you have so much you need to do on a daily basis. From Tax reminders to securing records and submitting files to HMRC, a day in an accountancy firm is rarely dull or quiet.

How often are you sending paperwork or paying someone to do it? Could a CRM and using efficient automation save you time? How many hours do you spend on regular client interactions?

A CRM like AccountancyManager helps your firm be more efficient and more profitable.

Here’s how we do it…

Take less time to take on new clients

Taking on a new client takes time and many of the accountants we speak to say that the sheer amount of paperwork and correspondence it takes to onboard a new client effectively makes the first few months (or in the worst case, years) non-profitable.

Aside from this being a pricing issue, in the highly competitive but compliant world you work in, getting all the right paperwork in place takes time. But it doesn’t have to.

  • When you take on a new client, we’ll help you automate the previous accountant clearance with an automated email, making it simple and quick.
  • Our CRM will give you the ability to eSign the Letter of Engagement.
  • A secure client portal gives you both a safe place to exchange accounts and more.

Onboarding a client is an exciting time but you have a list of essential processes to go through. If they’re regular – automate them! Don’t do (or pay someone else to do) what a system can learn or be programmed to do. When you use an automated system it’s more likely to get it done correctly and in good time.

Client control, accountant overview

Successfully managing your client comes down to good communication and avoiding mistakes. When you’re transferring data, swapping emails or calls, or taking down shorthand notes in meetings, then information can get lost or entered incorrectly and could lead to mistakes. As a professional, you know your reputation depends on your accuracy.

With our CRM we’ve enabled the client to be able to enter and update their information and of course, give you the ability to correct any errors. Empowering your clients in this way gives them more understanding and gives you greater control over their data and information in a secure and simple way.

Automatically chase clients for missing details and records

How much time do you and your team spend on small but vital admin tasks? Getting documents signed, Tax submissions agreed, and year-end accounts finalised and submitted can be a huge task. The end of January doesn’t have to be hell if you enable your clients to be more organised. Remind them sooner, and get the information you need – quicker.

Our system not only reminds them of the key information you need from them, but it also chases them if they don’t get back to you or submit the information. We’re not suggesting you plan your annual holiday for the end of January, but maybe this year you could manage to drink a cup of tea while it’s still hot?!

Automated Tax Payment Reminders

You can automate the key areas for your clients for Tax payments too. If you have a VAT registered client then you’ll need to help them submit their VAT four times a year (or even monthly) and their corporation Tax and personal Tax too.

It’s regular so you can automate it. You can simply set the reminders to go out based on their year-end. Our system takes care of the rest until your expertise is needed.

Task Lists

Many of your clients will have the same tasks and there will be loads of commonalities with some variants through them all. So we built in some regular tasks from accounting and added them into the system for you to select for each of your clients.

Need to remind yourself about their CT600 submission or their self-assessment return? We have a self-generating task list based on the information you supply when you on bboard them. Simply add in the business correctly and our system will not only set the tasks for you but show you when they’re done and remind you if they’re not. Perfect.

Deadline Reminders

Naturally you’ll want to be on top of these if you’re to stay in favour with your clients so getting them out in a timely fashion, (not when you notice someone is behind!) is a better plan.

We’ve built this in to save time and also help you to nurture your clients to be more on top of their accounts.

We’ve also given the ability to:

  • Sync clients with Companies House
  • Create custom services and automate email reminders for those services
  • Send staff deadline day SMS reminders
  • Access an automatically generated task list and sort by ’30 Day Deadlines then Records Received’

What’s your time worth to you?

If time is money then what is that time worth to you? What could you do with that time? How much more efficient could you be? How much easier would it be to scale your practice?

We’ve conservatively estimated that AccountancyManager Users, save about 3 hours per client per year. Just do some simple maths and we’re certain you can see the benefits of automating your internal processes and your client management.

This isn’t about removing the people from the process though; it’s more about getting them to do what really counts.

Meeting with your clients and talking to them about their business can’t be automated (well the reminder can), but it’s important to keep building on those ongoing relationships. What we can help you get is more time to do that and more time to grow your practice. We can help you become lean and compliant, and work towards a strong system of automated processes that hand over to the experts when the time is right.  It’s a competitive market out there, don’t make it harder by burying yourself in Groundhog Day tasks. For more information about how we can help you save time, speak to us today.