When anything changes within your practice - or your client’s portal - you’ll know about it instantly.

Don’t miss a thing

Don’t miss a thing

You’ll get a notification when a client uploads or signs a document, completes a form or updates their details. Other notifications include: deadline approaching, new tasks assigned to you, changes to your tasks - and many more.

"The communication functions to clients and internal staff are really excellent. We refer to AM as the “Control Centre” of our operations."

— Rezaul, Assurance Accountancy Ltd
Work together (or have a chat)

Work together (or have a chat)

Keep everyone in the loop by sending notes to one person, or a group. Client-related notes will also appear on the client’s timeline. You can mark notes as urgent and choose to be notified when your message is opened or archived.

Update others on task progress

Update others on task progress

You can add progress notes to any task and there’s the option to automatically notify others. This works vice versa too, if a messaging chat has led to the need for a new task, you can create a task from your message.

Manage all notifications in one place

Manage all notifications in one place

See all your messages and apply filters to find what you need. To access the Notifications Manager, click the notification bell and Manage Notifications. You can also archive messages individually or in bulk.

Full history and audit trail for each client

Full history and audit trail for each client

As well as notifications, the Client Timeline keeps a time-stamped record of every email, text and call between your practice and your clients. AM will also record whether your client has opened your email.

Just some reasons you’ll get a notification:

  • 7 days since contact with prospect
  • 64-8 submission successful or not
  • Client uploads/signs document
  • Client has missing details
  • Companies House or CRO updates
  • 6 weeks since ‘Records Received’
  • Invoice is marked ‘Paid’
  • Upcoming client meetings
  • New message from colleague
  • 3 days until a deadline

"AM completely revolutionised my practice overnight. I used to spend hours preparing..."

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What Our Customers Say

  • "We started using AccountancyManager in 2018 and haven't looked back! Using AccountancyManager has transformed our practice - more time to spend on the numbers and admin processes streamlined - one happy practice!"

    Martin Brooks
    Caroline Hinde
    Caroline Hinde Accountancy
  • "AM completely revolutionised my practice overnight. I used to spend hours preparing engagement letters, chasing information and reminding clients of key dates. Now I spend less time doing admin and more time doing client work."

    Martin Brooks
    Martin Brooks
    Gold Stag Accounts
  • "Since switching to AccountancyManager, I now have a sense of comfort in knowing that all client details, tasks and documents are in one place, which is easily accessible. Client onboarding is a swift, simple process that appears slick and professional to our new clients."

    Martin Brooks
    Hannah Jeffery
    HJ Accounts Management
  • "AccountancyManager has saved the practice heaps of time when keeping track of deadlines & we've found the other features (e.g. time recording, client sign-ups) helpful to have all in one place."

    Martin Brooks
    Niall Hawkins
    Farrow Accounting & Tax