Track staff costs against client revenue to see which jobs are most, and least, profitable.

Powerful data for big decisions

Powerful data for big decisions

Add fixed fees for your services and an hourly cost for each staff member. Then track the time your staff spend. At a glance, you can see total: revenue, cost of labour, hours, budget profit and actual profit.

"You can see which clients are most profitable. Not just the ones that pay you the biggest fee."

— Sam Patel, Diamond Accounts
Identify your profit sources

Identify your profit sources

You can then filter this data to see exactly how much profit specific clients and services are generating for your practice. Your overview will show your profit over the year and you can filter this by month.

Review your fee structure

Review your fee structure

Make sure your fees represent the time you’re spending on your clients’ accounts and phone calls. Identify loss-making clients, discover new revenue streams and ensure every client is getting enough attention.

Track your growth strategy

Track your growth strategy

In a constantly shifting, increasingly competitive market, just keeping up requires continual improvement. See how your strategy is fairing in real-time and make critical business decisions based on hard, cold data.

See which areas of your business generate the most - and least - profit

  • Track time and profits in real time
  • Drill into data with filters
  • Identify loss-making areas
  • Inform business-critical decisions
  • Track growth strategy
  • Deliver value to every client

"AM completely revolutionised my practice overnight. I used to spend hours preparing..."

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What Our Customers Say

  • "We started using AccountancyManager in 2018 and haven't looked back! Using AccountancyManager has transformed our practice - more time to spend on the numbers and admin processes streamlined - one happy practice!"

    Martin Brooks
    Caroline Hinde
    Caroline Hinde Accountancy
  • "AM completely revolutionised my practice overnight. I used to spend hours preparing engagement letters, chasing information and reminding clients of key dates. Now I spend less time doing admin and more time doing client work."

    Martin Brooks
    Martin Brooks
    Gold Stag Accounts
  • "Since switching to AccountancyManager, I now have a sense of comfort in knowing that all client details, tasks and documents are in one place, which is easily accessible. Client onboarding is a swift, simple process that appears slick and professional to our new clients."

    Martin Brooks
    Hannah Jeffery
    HJ Accounts Management
  • "AccountancyManager has saved the practice heaps of time when keeping track of deadlines & we've found the other features (e.g. time recording, client sign-ups) helpful to have all in one place."

    Martin Brooks
    Niall Hawkins
    Farrow Accounting & Tax