1. AccountancyManager is always SSL secured, meaning that your data is encrypted at all levels of data exchange.
  2. We utilise CloudFlare for DNS and DDOS protection.
  3. We automatically backup our databases multiple times per day.
  4. Our systems failover to additional servers, to minimise downtime in case of server issues.
  5. Our powerful servers are currently in a secure ISO 27001 certified data centre in Germany (100% emissions free and has a fast network and high bandwidth).
  6. Users are automatically logged out of the system if inactive for over 6 hours.
  7. We offer two factor authentication - similar technique as banks (required to enter one time code on each login). Means that even if someone knows your password, they still won't be able to login.
  8. Our terms state that we will not sell any data to third parties.
SSL SecuredCloudflare100% CO2 Emissions FreeISO 270012 Factor Authentication