You’re running a busy accountancy practice with a million things on your to-do list – between processing VAT returns and preparing accounts – the last thing you need to be doing is chasing clients for missing information.  

Writing repetitive emails and requesting records from clients that don’t reply can be frustrating. You might feel like you’re stuck in a never-ending merry-go-round. This isn’t why you decided to become an accountant, and it’s taking up all of your time. 

It’s important to remember that your clients are busy professionals too, who have their own businesses to run, and will need to be reminded of things such as their records, payment reminders or other details. 

However, reminding clients of tasks they need to take care of doesn’t have to take an inordinate amount of time. Practice management software can automate these tedious, time-consuming tasks for you, providing you with more space and clarity around the running of your practice. 

Let’s specifically take a look at how automated client emails and text messages can transform your practice, in a bit more detail. 

 1. Keep the same standard of service, without feeling pushy 

Having a healthy flow of communication with your clients is essential for any practice. However, this can become strained when deadlines are approaching, and payments are due. It can be difficult not to sound pushy. 

Automated emails and texts can take this weight off your shoulders by providing that same level of communication with your clients, in a more streamlined and efficient way. 

For example, with AccountancyManager, you can set automated emails that nudge your clients for you. Simply tell the system when and how often you’d like them to go. This means your clients are still getting that personal touch from the company by receiving reminders, without it taking up a significant portion of your day. Some examples of such reminders include record requests, payment reminders and signature reminders. 

Sending customers automated texts can be an even faster way of letting them know that there are tasks waiting for them, with a link to access their online portal included in it. 

By automating your admin, you can reduce your stress levels while also increasing the efficiency of your practice.  

“The time saved with automatic chasing means that we have more time available for our clients.” 

— Sharon Bishop ACCA, X5 Accountants 

2. Let your software remember all those deadlines for you 

While your brain is fantastic, solely relying on memory and sticky notes for clients’ deadlines just doesn’t cut it anymore. You need space to relax and enjoy the work that you do, without having to retain a mountain of information for each client. 

Not only that, but as your practice grows, the desire to put your energy into other tasks becomes more apparent. That’s why an automated system, like practice management software, is a must-have for any practice that wants to expand its client base. It offers you the organisational structure and clarity your practice needs to really bring it to the next level. 

Automated emails and texts can be set up to remind clients of all upcoming deadlines, whether you have five or five hundred clients in your practice. This lets your software do all the remembering for you; saving your practice time, easing your staff’s workload and reducing stress levels across the board. 

3. Take it a step even further with bulk emails and canned messages 

With AccountancyManager, you can take email automation even further with bulk emails and canned messages. 

What is a bulk email? Imagine there’s an important payroll legislative update, but you don’t process payroll for every client you work with. This usually involves copying and pasting the same message over and over again into your payroll clients’ inboxes, which can take up a serious amount of time. 

With bulk emails, you write out just one email and filter which clients to send it to, based on the services you provide to them. So, in this case, you’d choose the payroll filter. Bulk emails allow you to keep in touch with everyone and can be filtered by any field, so they can be used for a variety of circumstances within your practice. Your clients’ names and other details are also remembered for you, allowing you to send these emails in just a few clicks. 

Canned messages, on the other hand, are pre-written messages that staff can add to clients’ emails. All you have to do is click on the desired “canned” response that you’ve previously saved, and it will automatically be added to the email. This level of automation allows you to delegate the task of sending client emails; giving staff more responsibilities within the practice and taking another task off your plate. Imagine a client is starting a new business and is looking for advice. A traditional approach would be having back and forth emails or phone calls with the client. With canned messages, your staff can send tailored responses to the client within minutes, rather than the time-consuming alternative. 

Say goodbye to chasing clients. Here at AccountancyManager, our mission is to remove every annoying and time-consuming task from your day; by having a more clear, structured and streamlined workflow. Bring your team along for the ride and start a free 30-day trial of the software today.